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10 years of Hair LAB

By 1 października 2017No Comments

This is 10 years since Hair LAB Hair Clinic was founded.



For 10 years, we have been helping women, men and children who have been struggling with hair loss for years.

Our idea is the complexity of the activities: treatment, when there is still a chance to improve the condition of our hair and the solutions that must be taken when this opportunity is gone. Any person who has the problem with hair will find a solution in our Clinic.

For the past 10 years, we have developed standards of action that allow our patients and clients to trust us and forget the stress caused by hairloss.

From my experience I understand the problem. Therefore the presence of a psychologist during the consultation will help you not only find the best solution but also change the approach to the problem of hairloss.

Our specialists help you find the best remedy and solution for hair loss including but not limited to: hormonal and androgenic hair loss, alopecia areata, trichothillomania, and hair loss after burns or accidents.

We propose individually designed solutions and “ready to go systems” for customers to decide on the day of the visit without waiting for a mandatory production date.

Both partial and complete hair restorations systems are made of Slavic virgin hair and any person who decides for individual hair projection can choose the same hair from the available hair at the clinic site.

We have also introduced the HOLISTIC TRICHOLOGY as the first Clinic in Poland, which is a holistic, comprehensive look at hair loss and comprehensive treatment. That is why we provide the cooperation of a trichologist, psychologist, endocrinologist and dietician. We also provide psychological workshops for people struggling with trichotillomania.

It is a total novelty to launch this year’s jubilee year for us the foundation of WŁOS MA GŁOS. The idea behind the foundation is to provide comprehensive support for children and adults struggling with Alopecia Areata, Trichotillomania and other causes that, besides the aesthetic aspect, disturb our psychological life and cause social and occupational alienation. We welcome all adults, children and their families who would like to use such assistance. The official website of the foundation moves after the holidays.

For the past three years, we have been working in partnership with the Interactive Agency and the HEROSI Foundation, a campaign of PODZIEL SIĘ DZIECIŃSTWEM, where children give other children their hair for making wigs. The campaign became a winner of the 2016 GOODWARE CONTEST.

We thank all our patients and clients – the little and the grown-ups for the trust they have been giving us for 10 years. I want to ensure that we do and will do everything we can to reduce the problem of hair loss, to reduce it and give you solutions that will provide you with life comfort and forget about the problem. We are here for you and we will find a solution for you.

Thank you to all my employees, people and companies who cooperate with the clinic for all these years of good and honest work.