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Non-Surgical hair replacement for men

For men, we have prepared a unique product line that provides modern and completely invisible restorations that integrate perfectly with natural hair. Our solutions can be applied in every case and effectively eliminate the effects of male pattern baldness, such as hair loss and thinning hair on the top of the head.


  • Various types of hair loss.
  • Receding hairline, hair loss on top of the head, thinning hair.
  • Immediate change of hairstyle.
  • Antineoplastic therapy.
  • Male pattern baldness and alopecia areata.
  • Hair loss in children.
  • An alternative to hair transplantation.

What is non-surgical hair restoration?

Our systems are an alternative to standard wigs and hair transplantation. These are solutions, which can be used 24 hours a day, even in the most extreme situations – swimming pool, gym or wind. They guarantee full comfort of use and above all, a natural look. The technology we use has been tested by sports stars and TV celebrities who use our systems at work and in everyday life. The system can be used as a whole or only in the areas of thinning hair.

Hair Restoration Methods

We will find the best solutions for your needs

Injection Hair System

Injection Hair System provides an exceptional quality hair that is “injected” into the so-called microskin. Additionally, a permanent method of attaching them to the scalp ensures that the new hair is very comfortable to wear.

Your individual hair system

The system is made to individual order and perfectly fitted to the shape of the patient’s head. It is produced from hair independently selected by the patient.

Wigs in cancer therapies

We offer ready-made wigs for men.

The most delicate densities on the thinnest bases

NEW! For those who need a subtle restoration densities, we have prepared a line on the most delicate bases available on the market. This allows people who have very thin and delicate hair to enjoy hair restoration.

Alopecia areata

Systems tailored to the needs of those battling alopecia areata, allowing them to recreate their hairstyle from before the onset of the disease. The restorations contain a minimal amount of high quality hair for a very natural look.

Hair restorations available immediately – hair implant

We have ready-made partial solutions for men available on site, which can be used and styled on the day of your visit to the Clinic. With comfortable attachment methods, an implant is invisible and imperceptible to those around you.


Premium solution for the most demanding customers.

An absolute novelty on the market, targeted to the most demanding customers who want to achieve an extremely natural final result. Uncovered forehead line, attachment without the necessity to shave the hair or taking the system off at night are only few advantages of this revolutionary solution. The CNC implant also blends seamlessly with the hair transplant providing the perfect integration of the frontal hairline.

Explore the details

Make an appointment for a consultation

Together we will choose the perfect solution for you.

Why Hair LAB System?

The best quality Virgin hair

Individually designed system

Modern, undetectable solutions

Patient chooses himself the hair that are to be used

See Our System in Practice

Get to know users opinions of our solutions

Men’s Metmorphosis 0:45

We invite you to watch the metamorphosis of the former captain of Legia Warszawa – Ivica Vrdoljak, who decided to use the Injection system. It’s another system of our Ambassador and it works perfectly both on and off the pitch.

The system in practice 0:54

The video presents the procedure of non-surgical hair replacement and its practical side in everyday life, using the example of our next Ambassador.

Young men’s metamorphosis 0:35

See Matthew’s metamorphosis realized with the help of a non-surgical hair replacement system. The recordings were made 1 hour after the procedure.

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A technology dedicated to men who don't look for any compromises regarding their hairstyle. CNC hair system is a top class solution which can be worn 24/7 even in the toughest conditions (gym, pool, extreme sports). It integrates perfectly with the patient's own hair and with hair transplants, thus improving their effect.

Meet the CNC implant