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At the Hair Clinic Hair-LAB we ensure complex and professional services connected with the entire procedure to regain beautiful hair, including:

  • Trichological testing of the hair
  • Trichological treatment
  • Laser therapy
  • Expert advice on the topics of appropriate methods for volumizing, lengthening, integrating and substituting hair to create a full head of hair
  • Individual consultations, during which you will learn in detail about which hair replacement method is appropriate for you in the context of your individual case, expectations and likings
  • Design and projection of your new replacement hair, satisfying the necessary requirements: (such as volume, color, direction of integration, bend, etc.)
  • Adaptation of the hair implant to the skin or to the existing hair, which is done on location at the clinic.
  • Styling and combing of the hairstyle by the hairstylist according to your wishes and likings.
  • Sale of hairstyling cosmetics and necessary accessories for replacement hair.
  • Hairstyling procedure (systematic cutting, styling, dyeing, cleaning, treatment) which are performed only for our clients, which ensure complete intimacy and comfort.
  • Support service for the client – we provide answers for arising questions, doubts or possible problems – equally by telephone or by email.

Our hair replacement methods can be applied to almost all hair loss problems, in the cases of complete or partial hair loss, equally for women and men. We offer a solution to hair loss caused by conditions such as: androgenic hair loss, hormonal disorders, immunological disorders (alopecia areata), chemotherapy, irradiation, burns, or in cases of hair thinning, sparse hair and unattractive hair.

For partial hair replacement, volumizing and lengthening hair are options which may be selected by all those who want to improve their appearance, want to look younger, more attractive and sexier. We use the newest non-surgical solutions for hair replacement cooperating with similar hair replacement clinics in the United States as well as in Western Europe. We provide methods of volumizing, lengthening, integrating and substituting guaranteeing a full head of hair. These methods do not only ensure comfort, but most importantly naturalness of the hair.

All of our methods are safe for the skin. They are completely non-invasive, do not disturb connective tissue, do not cause numbness, irritation or any other side effects. Our hair replacement techniques are performed using natural hair (European, Slavic) or Asian (however very rarely, because they do not fulfill a fundamental requirement connected to the naturalness of the hair style).

New hair styles are designed very precisely and conducted in a way to completely harmonize with your own hair. Selected alike are color, volume, length and the direction of the hair. Each new hair system is executed by hand.

The hair is integrated into a specially designed, very thin, net-like base, with different structures depending on the selected model. The base breathes, allows air flow, is resistant to the effects of water, sweat, seborrhea and does not inhibit the growing hair. The color of the base is adapted to match the color of your skin. Into that very thin base, hair is integrated using a special technique in order to achieve the proper effect, “hair growth from the scalp”.

New hair implants – depending on the selected method – we apply in a permanent manner with the use of glues, hypoallergenic tapes and depending on needs – with clips. Ever-growing interest surrounds the “bonding” method, which has the advantage of long-lasting integration with the scalp for approximately 3-5 weeks depending on skin type. The resulting effect is completely stress-free possession of new hair in different situations without the need of taking it off.

The new hair is comfortable and unobtrusive to wear, easy to care for and long-lasting. You can sleep in it, wash in it, freely comb it and style it. And what is most important – in your new hair you can feel comfortable and safe in all situations – while sleeping, exercising, swimming, during physical activity, strong wind.