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Hair LAB, Help Centre, Hair replacements for children

There are many reasons why children lose hair, for example Alopecia Areata, cancer or random incidents, for instance, such as  burns. Very often it takes away the happiest moments of their childhood. Lack of hair might be the reason why other children tease them and it may lead to loneliness and lack of acceptance.

It is possible to avoid such situations and help children to go through this difficult period of illness. We can help them to accept their appearance and to build their self-confidence.

Offered by our clinic hair systems, differ from uncomfortable and thick, regular wigs. Our hair units are made of  the thinniest Slavic hair with natural density. The systems have visible partings and an exposed forehead line. Chidren, who wear our hair, can do any children’s hairstyles like plaits or ponytails.

Examples of kids hair systems:



Our CSR campagin for kids
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Uzupełnianie włosów dla kobiet (chłopcy)

Uzupełnianie włosów dla dzieci (chłopcy)

Uzupełnianie włosów dla kobiet (dziewczynki)

Uzupełnianie włosów dla dzieci (dziewczynki)