What is special about our Clinic?

      • Complex attitude to the problems connected to hair – the complexity of our services enables to solve almost all problems with hair.
      • The most modern solutions on the market– we offer you the most modern technology in hair replacements and trychology on the highest level.
      • Experience in hair loss treatments.
      • Discretion and understanding of the problem – problems with hair are often embarassing sphere for our Patients, therefore we guarantee complete discretion and help.
      • The quality of hair! All the hair units are made of natural European, Slavic hair.
      • Hair used to produce hair units are carefully selected.
      • With great precision and care we select the parametres of the hair units in accordance to our Client’s requirements.

Naturalness of our hairstyles provides most of all:

  • unnoticeable front line, therefore you can expose your forehead and make preferable hairstyles
  • very light, the air-permeable base, on which the hair is embedded
  • subtle colors from golden reflections, mixing of the colors, natural hair re-growths