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NEEDLE MESOTHERAPY of the scalp is recommended in case of problems with the scalp and hair, which lead to the loss or weakening of their condition. It is based on injection of the scalp with special treatments containing substances that contribute to stimulate microcirculation in the scalp, inhibit excessive hair loss and stimulate their growth. The most commonly used formulation comprises vitamins, nutrients, natural extracts and anti-inflammatory substances. Treatments are selected individually depending on the existing problem. Needle mesotherapy of the scalp takes about 20 minutes, but is preceded by a scalp peeling which clean the scalp, stimulate microcirculation, and thus increase the absorption of the treatment. Mesotherapy should be done once a week for the first 2 months of treatment. Then, depending on the achieved results procedure should be one or two times a month in order to sustain the effects.



Mezoterapia Igłowa Skóry Głowy

Needle mesotherapy

The most common recommendation to start performing mesotherapy of the scalp are cases of excessive hair loss and the different types of hair loss in both women and men. It is also recommended for people struggling with the problem of alopecia areata. In this case properly exercised mesotherapy can lead to inhibiting the loss and enlargement of the pies and stimulating the growth of new hair. In the case of hair loss in women, which is caused by hormonal disorders or other conditions to perform mesotherapy has a positive effect on hair through their nutrition, inhibiting hair loss and stimulate their growth. In the case of male pattern baldness treatment by   appropriately selected phials delays miniaturization of hair follicles caused by the action of DHT – dihydrotestosterone. Also people who have observed increased hair loss as a result of inadequate nutrition, weight loss, excessive stress or after pregnancy may undergo mesotherapy of the scalp. It can also be done prophylactically in order to improve the condition of our hair.


  • Pregnancy
  • Menstruation
  • Cancer and tumors
  • Intake of anticoagulants
  • Diabetes
  • Inflammatory skin conditions
  • Allergic reactions to ingredients of treatments

NEEDLE MESOTHERAPY OF THE SCALP in Hair LAB Hair Clinic is preceded by a trichological examination in order to diagnose the problem and selection of suitable treatments.