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Our clinic widened the scope of its services with medical consultations:

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Trichotillomania (TTM) is a disorder of secrecy and shame. Many who have it do not know it has a name, and many who know what they have cannot find treatment providers who know what it is.Trichotillomania is characterized by the repeated urge to pull out hair, leading to noticeable hair loss, distress and social or functional impairment.

Approximatelly 4% of the population is affected by TTM. It is seven times more prevalent in children as in adults, with the majority of cases occurring between ages 4 and 17 years. Medical complication of TTM include skin irritations at he hair-pulling site, infections and repetitive-use hand injuries. Psychiatric comorbidity in patients with TTM is very common and includes anxiety disorders, mood disorders, substance use disorders, eating disorders and personality disorders.

TTM takes several different forms. Patients sometimes use their fingers to pull hair, while other use tweezers. Scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes are the most common areas for hair pulling, but some patients also pull hair from the legs or armpits. Some play with the hair that they have pulled, and approximately 10% to 30% of individuals with TTM ingest the hair.

HairLAB Hair Clinic helps people who struggling with Trichotillomania. Our Psychologist Magdalena Szymczak works with the Patients with TTM with good results. She developed her own methods of therapy and helps both children and adults.