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Led Medical Laser Bio-Light

Hair LAB Hair Clinic offers the highest quality treatment using LED lights. Led Medical Laser Bio-Light emits 4 basic types (colors) of light (plus color formed after blending two primary colors):

  • Red light – R (640 ± 5 nm)accelerates the regeneration of the skin by increasing the rate of cell division and stimulate the synthesis of collagen – the main protein of connective tissue. It is used in therapy to prevent hair loss because it stimulates the microcirculation of the scalp.
  • Yellow light – Y (590 ± 5 nm) soothes irritation on the sensitive skin. It also strengthens capillary walls. Perfect for the treatment of dry dandruff and excessive dry scalp.
  • Green – G (560 ± 5 nm)has a soothing effect, so that is used in reducing edema. Used for removing skin discolorations.
  • Blue – B (470 ± 5 nm) has a bactericidal and disinfectant action. It prevents development of inflammation and the proliferation of microorganisms. Used in the treatment of ailments such as acne and psoriasis.

In addition, basics colors can be combined to give the light:

  • PurpleR+B are used to remove scars
  • CyanoG+B attenuates the activity of the sebaceous gland, which regulates the amount of sebum secreted. Used in the treatment of seborrhea and greasy dandruff.

The light emitted by the LED device Medical Laser Bio-Light is biologically active, so it is possible to use it in skin or scalp care and support for treatment of skin and scalp disorders.
Hair LAB Hair Clinic offers preventive and curative phototherapy treatments. Therapy using LED light is individually selected to present problems and needs. The light emitted by the device penetrates deep into the skin and scalp accelerating its regeneration. Moreover, through the use of light of different colors it is possible therapy of broad spectrum of symptoms associated with the scalp and hair such as hair loss, dry and greasy dandruff, seborrhea, inflammatory conditions. Additionally light therapy is a pleasant, painless and does not cause any side effects.



Proposed by Hair LAB Hair Clinic light therapy treatments give a very good and fast visible results, combined with needle mesotherapy of the scalp using specialized treatments. For each problem with scalp and hair the therapy is individually adjusted using the appropriate treatment and light color. The combination of these two methods enhances the therapeutic effect, so that the effects of the therapy are quicker. After performing scalp mesotherapy irradiation with red light will accelerate the regeneration of skin, blue light prevent the development of inflammation, and cyan light reduce the oiliness of the scalp by regulating the work of sebaceous glands.