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It is a perfect method for special occasions. Easiness and quickness are the main advantages of this method of hair extension. The hair is embedded by using clips which you just need to tighten. This method does not weaken your own hair.


Modern method Tape on and off  enables extend and thicken the hair in a very short time.  It involves bonding tapes of approximately 4 cm ended with transparent silicone tapes on both sides. Connectors are not visible and imperceptible and that gives more comfort of wearing. Tapes can be used several times as it is possible to regenerate and replenish them. Safeness of the tapes has been confirmed by medical certificates – they do not cause allergies and irritations. The advantage of this method is the fact that the clients can decide about the length and the level of density of the hair. Moreover, the extensions bonded evenly on the hair do not cause destructions of their structure and do not weaken them excessively.
Comparing to other methods of hair extensions like ultrasonic method or keratin method (where the beads and termical tools are used)  TAPE ON AND OFF method is less invasive and more safe. Moreover, extended hair looks very natural. Therefore this method is recommended to every hair type, especially for those  who have thin and fine hair.
Duration of the treatment of hair extensions is short and it lasts about 40 minutes depending on the number of hair strands used. Wear time is short and it lasts about 2-4 weeks. This method is recommended to everyone who appreciates comfort and beautiful, healthy hair.


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