Elemental analysis of hair illustrates the number of elements stored in our body.
This study can be called an organism morphology, where the test material is not blood but our hair – “documentation” of the internal condition of the body.
Blood is the body fluid, so in the absence of elements in the diet retrieves them from the organs. The analysis of the blood can not indicate on their accumulation in tissues. The concentration of elements in the blood may vary with emotions and time of day.
Bioelements are incorporated into the hair structure during growth and their concentration provides information about the content in the body over time approx. 2-3 months.
Elemental analysis of hair is noninvasive and inexpensive, it replaces several another tests. Hair samples are collected easily and painlessly and could be send by post. Hair has been selected by the World Health Organization and the Environmental Protection Agency to assess the effects of toxic metals on the body.
For the analysis you need only 0.3 g of hair. Their excision does not deform hairstyle.
Dyed hair must be at least monthly (3 cm) regrowth!