Partial or complete hair loss can emotionally ruin the health of a patient. It has been proven that health improvement processes work quicker when we accept our appearance. Unnatural dense and thick wigs and inappropriate hair coverings cause discomfort for the patient, increase negative attitude towards oneself and cause a more delicate sensitivity to the reaction of those around them.

Our designed hair systems, equally delicate and light hair substitutions, ensure a full feeling of comfort. The patient forgets about the hair loss problem, and can focus on convalescence and a quicker return to health.

Replacement hair ideally replaces lost hair, by creating with due diligence and precision a natural volume, color, structure and form to the hairstyle. Patients can sleep, take care of their hair and do everything like previously to this difficult time of disease.

  • Individual hair designs ideally substitute one’s own hair from before the therapy.
  • Cancer Wig – natural hair substitute which can be attached permanently to the scalp.

A side effect of cancer therapy is, amongst others, hair loss. Most often after several months, hair regrows, however this period is almost always a cause of a lot of stress, due to a lack of acceptance of your own appearance. Partial or complete hair loss can emotionally ruin your life.

We observe on an everyday basis, that the health recovery process is a lot quicker, if the patient accepts oneself and does not experience discomfort caused by the negative effects of therapy.

Wearing a wig, shawl or a hat is precisely a kind of discomfort, not just in terms of convenience, but also it gives a perceptible signal to those around you, that you are sick…

For individuals, who want to have ideally selected hairstyles like before cancer treatment, we suggest individual hair projection, because only this, in a discreet and comfortable way, substitutes our real hair. The newly designed hair will be exactly a “copy” of your hair which was lost, and will allow for the possibility to recreate the same hairstyle, which you had before hair loss. This means natural density, color, structure, and last but not least the type of hair – silky, thin, Slavic. With individually designed hair you can literally do anything (sleep, bathe, exercise). In no regard does it limit our lifestyle, but allows for a quicker return to a normal happy life.

Available in our offer is also a minimal volume, standard hair substitute. Specifically we recommend the substitute Cancer Wig created from natural hair. In its first stage, before the roots grow out, it allows for the permanent attachment of the substitute to the scalp, in this way not limiting the activity of the patient. In addition, this substitute is created using a thin base into which the hair is integrated, thanks to which the skin can breathe freely. The selection of a natural hair volume and an uncovered forehead line allow for the possibility to comb your hair into almost every hairstyle.

Children as well as adults can make use of our standard solutions. Hair substitutes for the entire head give us a complete feeling of comfort (will stay secured in place) and stand out with many positive and aesthetic aspects. In comparison to a regular wig, they look natural, are of the best quality, and care for them is not a hassle. The scalp as well as the growing hair roots can freely breathe. Our hair substitutes provide the feeling of safety and a chance for peace as you wait in expectation for the growth of your own hair.

New! Revitalash – conditioner stimulating growth of the lashes and eyebrows
For people,who lost or have very weak and thin eyelashes/eyebrows, we offer new conditioner accelerating growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. Revitalash is wonderful cosmetic innovation. It is one of the best cosmetics which accelerates and thickens eyelashes.

The inventor of the recipe of Revitalash is dr Michael Brinkenhoff. It was a special gift for his wifr Gayle who suffered from breast cancer. Aggressive chemotherapy damaged her beautiful eyelashes and they became very weak and fragile. Intensive scientific research of dr Brinkenhoff and the team of talented chemists and cosmetologists led to prepar