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The newest ContactSkin® technology is a revolutionary solution of hair replacements. ContactSkin® gives you the feeling of growing hair! Your dream of beautiful hair can now come true!

Non-surgical method to regain hair
ContactSkin® is a perfectly looking hair unit which imitates natural hair. Optically it might be compared to hair transplant. The main difference is that there is no surgical treatment. ContactSkin is totally painless, safe and you can resign any time!
Exceptional aesthetics
ContactSkin© hair units are made of natural hair which have been treated specifically for implantation into micro-skin. The base of the hair unit is made of an ultra-thin (only 0, 03 mm) artificial membrane, which imitates the scalp. In an extremely time-consuming production process thousands of hairs is hand attached to the extremely thin micro-skin, thereby imitating the natural hair growth.
You cannot distinguish ContactSkin® from natural scalp!
ContactSkin gives you the opportunity of visible forehead line and a firm attachment to the scalp.
Extraordinary aesthetics
Revolutionary is also ContactSkin’s solution to many known problems, which present themselves in many standard hair replacement systems.
A lack of a visible line at the site of hair regrowth! A lack of a perceptible border between the scalp and the hair replacement system! For this reason, ContactSkin can be treated almost like your own hair, and should not be compared to a toupée.
Invisible forehead line
Thanks to the application of ContactSkin, it is impossible for your hair to shift or move, because it is integrated exceptionally well, directly and strongly attached to the scalp!!!

Perfect and secure fit
ContactSkin® copes with many typical problems of regular hair replacement units.
Invisible forehead line! Undetectable line between scalp and the hair unit! You can treat ContactSkin as your own hair and not compare it to toupee systems.

Perfect and certain way of attachment
It is impossible that the hair will move in any direction as the way of attachment to the scalp is perfectly secure!

Your own hair
ContactSkin® gives the feeling of growing hair. There are no visible knots because of the special way of embedding.

Growing hair effect
ContactSkin® makes it easy to simulate natural hair growth in real time periods. On request –length and density can be increased.

Changing hair length
During one year you will have 8-12 ContactSkin® hair units. They are always perfectly authentically designed. Every time you change the hair unit, you have the option of changing your hair style, or you can keep it the same.

No special care required
There is no requiring of special care. ContactSkin® makes it very easy and quick. You do not have to make any special treatments, nor use any special cosmetics.
You only need to use the ContactSkin® shampoo and balsam daily. You wash the hair as it would be your own, dry it, and this is it!
For special hairstyles you can use ContactSkin® gel.

Perfect for extreme sports
ContactSkin® allows you to enjoy any kind of extreme sport. If you like to scuba dive, parachute or surf, do it in your new beautiful ContactSkin® hair!

Harmless UV rays
ContactSkin® hair units do not change color because of UV rays! With ContactSkin® hair unit this matter does not concern you. After holidays you will only regenerate your hair unit while your next visit at our clinic.

Carefree holidays
With ContactSkin® hair unit you can enjoy your holidays at the sea, without worrying if the salty water will harm your hair. After your holidays you pay a visit at our clinic and everything will return to normal.

ContactSkin® is different than any other hair units. It is an alternative for toupee systems, which nowadays are made very precisely and moreover they are made of top quality hair. However every user of a toupee realized bad points of usage. With ContactSkin® all the problems are solved!.

  • Invisible forehead line
  • Undetectable line between skin and the ContactSkin® micro-skin.
  • Perfectly natural and durable attachment to the scalp.
  • Extremely natural hair-grow direction.
  • Natural hair loss.
  • It is almost impossible to differentiate ContactSkin® hair from natural hair.
  • Growing hair simulation.
  • Possibility of changing the hair length.
  • Possibility of changing the hair color.
  • Possibility of doing even extreme sports, without any limits!
  • No need to use UV protector.

Carefree holidays and possibility of swimming in the salty sea.
Hair transplant requires a certain amount of existing natural hair. Every person who wants to fill a bigger part of the scalp with their own hair must have a large number of hairs, which are fulfilling the requirements of the hair transplantation. Specialists are able to transplant growing hair to the parts where the clients wishes to fulfill with hairs, however very often it turns out that the amount of “the right hairs” is limited.

Results and effects of ContactSkin® vs hair transplantation:

  • ContactSkin® is non-surgical and pain free
  • No risk
  • Immediate effect, during 60-120 minutes
  • No density limits
  • No use of drugs is required
  • Extremely esthetic and natural hair line
  • No time consuming surgeries!
  • No blood, no fear!
  • No recovery period!

Any time you are free to change your hair color, hair length or the whole hair style.
All of these advantages make ContactSkin® a revolutionary piece of art on the field of hair implantation.