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Old style wigs belong to the past. Discomfort of the wigs inspired us to create something new, better, more perfect and modern. Many wig users admit that they suffered from disadvantages connected with the usage of a wig. They complained about the unnatural look of the wigs or the fact that it may simply move or even fell down. Moreover during summer it is very hot and uncomfortable in a wig…

Fortunately nowadays you can forget all about it! The idea of the modern hair unit is that every single person will have the feeling of having natural hair. That is how we designed a very thin micro-net (so called base) to attach to the scalp. This solution eliminates the possibility that the hair piece will move in any direction.

Ultra-thin base, on which the hair is embedded, is breathable. After attaching the hair unit to your scalp you will have the feeling of natural, growing hair, in which you can sleep, take showers and do sports.

Each client designs their own hair. You are free to choose the density of the hair, the direction, the color, the twist and the length of the hair. There is no such possibility with regular wigs. Client can only choose from imposed standard models.

Here is a list of advantages of hair systems in compare of a regular wigs:

  • A regular wig covers the whole scalp, whereas Hair System precise spot of thinning hair (for instance forehead or the top of the head wherein it perfectly integrates with the rest of the hair).
  • Wig users complain about the wearing comfort: their scalp sweats, scalp does not breathe. With the Hair System this problem disappears, because the base is breathable.
  • Regular wigs are mass produced, whereas Hair System is designed individually to each person.
  • A regular wig can easily move, or even fell down. Hair Systems are attached to the scalp so there is no fear that it will fell down. Moreover you can pull the hair and it will not move in any direction!
  • Regular wigs usually have too big density of the hair, therefore it may look unnatural. In Hair Systems, clients choose individually the density, the color, even a darker root, which goes perfectly with blond hair!
  • All the wigs are mostly made of Asian hair, while Hair Systems are made of European hair, which is thinner (therefore looking more natural) with a beautiful shine.
  • The forehead line is very thick in regular wigs, so it must be covered with bangs. With Hair systems your forehead may be visible, your hair can be brushed back and there is no need to worry about the forehead line. It will stay invisible!
  • The base of a regular wig is thick and uncomfortable, whereas the base of Hair System is thin with the growing hair effect. The density of the hair is smaller and therefore Hair Systems look totally natural.
  • You cannot do all sports in a regular wig, for instance, such as swimming. In Hair System you can swim and do even extreme sports.
  • Regular wigs are mass produced, and very often unmatched to the shape of one’s head. Hair System is produced according to the measurements of one’s head shape and it is always matched.
  • While wearing a regular wig, one cannot make all kinds of hair styles, whereas while wearing Hair System you are not limited.
  • To wash a regular wig one must take it off the head. Hair System is washed as natural hair, on your head, what is very important for instance during holidays or just in private situations.
  • It is rather impossible to sleep in a regular wig, while with the Hair System you will feel comfortable even while sleeping!