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Hair is a very important attribute of our external appearance and one of the most important elements affecting such instances as the so-called first impression. It is hair that catches the attention of other people. An attractive appearance makes it easier to establish contacts, which helps lead to easier and quicker achievement of professional and personal success, helps in finding an attractive job and the appropriate partner, awakens greater sympathy from others and the approval of those around you. There is a tendency to associate attractive individuals with positive characteristics significantly more than those who are less attractive. At the same time lack of physical attractiveness is a source of dissatisfaction with yourself, creates different fears and concerns, negatively affects your self-esteem and decreases your quality of life.

Hair loss is a problem, which affects both women and men. Their hair loss is tied to a great aesthetic and psychological discomfort and it is possible that it may lead to depression.

At our clinic, we ensure complex services to regain beautiful hair for people who suffer from hair loss, as well as individuals who desire to improve their appearance.

Individuals who want to treat their hair and improve their condition decide to undergo trichological treatment and/ or laser therapy.

Those individuals who dream of beautiful hair make use of the methods involving hair thickening, hair lengthening and integration of substitute hair for the entire head.  It stands equally as a safe alternative for individuals, who are afraid of the risk involved in surgical hair transplantation or those who have been disappointed by the result of such procedure.

During the consultation, which will be conducted by Izabela Szymczak – the Owner of the clinic, the whole hair replacement procedure will be presented in detail – either hair growth therapy or the appropriate hair replacement method.

Thanks to an individual case approach to the problems of each of our clients, and at the same time taking into consideration their specific demands and likings, the new hairstyle will be specially designed and stylized.

Understanding fully this uncommon, complex problem, we approach each individual with the greatest care and deep respect. We ensure full anonymity and an intimate atmosphere. In individual rooms, each person can feel relaxed and even if just for a short while, can forget about the stress of daily life.

Our clients can select on their own their Stylist, who will be responsible for creating the hairstyle in accordance with the client’s expectations. Moreover, at each meeting the Stylist will provide an appropriate care, refresh the color and if desired, create a hairstyle for a special occasion.

To regain your hair allows you not only to obtain an attractive appearance, but equally a return to a full happy life – without stress caused by the problem of hair loss.