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Every woman wants to be attractive and feel beautiful and hair is one of the most important attributes. Though, many women at different age experience the hair loss. It is caused by many reasons like the hormonal disorders ( after the pregnancy, menopause, serious surgeries or using some drugs), big stress or too strong hairdresser’s treatments. Very often the reason are the genetic determinants, because of which women have thinning, thin and weak hair.

Usually, women experience partial hair loss where the hair is thinning. Nevertheless, it affects badly their physical look, therefore it is a special challenge for the stylists of the hair replacements for women.

Our hair replacements are made on individual request, according to specific requirements of the Clients. They are handmade with big precision and care. They enable to have almost every hairstyle, expose the forehead and parting, wear bun and ponytail.

According to the wishes of our Clients, it is possible to make the most fashionable hairstyles with the natural regrowth, light reflections. It is possible to obtain all the colours – natural ones, Slavic blonde or chocolate brown.

The most important is the fact that new hair are treated like our own hair and the treatment is a real pleasure. Moreover, with our hair every woman can feel beautiful.

We recommend our clients two systems of new technology while the first purchase. This solution has practical reason. There are random situations, as a result of which hair system can untimely be damaged. With two systems we use them interchangeably . It prevents from these situations and their lifetime extends.

wlosy joanna opozda

Joanna Opozda w systemie Hair LAB


Uzupełnianie włosów dla kobiet- efekty

Uzupełnianie włosów dla kobiet- efekty

Uzupełnianie włosów dla kobiet- efekty

Uzupełnianie włosów dla kobiet- efekty c.d.